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My Version of Bob Ross by TheSuperChima My Version of Bob Ross :iconthesuperchima:TheSuperChima 1 6 School before Art... by TheSuperChima School before Art... :iconthesuperchima:TheSuperChima 2 0 Thumbs Up! by TheSuperChima Thumbs Up! :iconthesuperchima:TheSuperChima 1 0
A Change of Perspective Part 3
Without hesitation, I went inside her house, thinking she wouldn't know the difference. Alas, I was correct when she approach me with a lunch box and a backpack. "Honey, you're gonna be late for school" She exclaimed, while putting the back pack on my back and putting the lunch box inside. "There you should be good to go!" She gave me a kiss on the cheek and waved goodbye. "Bye, er...Mom!" I said, while the doors closed and the bus drove off. "Now, time to find my body with her head on it" I muttered under my breath, hoping no one could hear me. At least 4 rows back, I saw here staring out the window, with MY hand on HER chin. While I was walking to her,I felt pain in my abdomen area. "Shit, she's having her period" I whispered, while hugging my/her legs together. I was walking in a weird way, causing people to look at me, but they returned to their business soon after.
"Hey, is this seat taken?" I said, with a small grin at the end.
"No, not at all! Please, have a seat" she exclaimed,
:iconthesuperchima:TheSuperChima 2 0
A Change of Perspective Part 2
My attention then turned to the instructions. Despite being locked in a chest for years, the ink looked like it had been printed days or weeks ago. I grabbed the instructions to see what it read:
                                          INSTRUCTIONS FOR
                                    HDSWP DEVICE PROTOTYPE MK. II
                       GREEN – HEAD SWAP (SUBJECT IS AWARE OF SWAP)
:iconthesuperchima:TheSuperChima 1 0
A Change of Perspective Part 1
It was 2:15 AM and I was laying in bed, with thoughts that some people can't even comprehend. I looked outside to the stars when one thought came to me, "What if there was a remote that can manipulate lives in some way, like........ head swapping?". A small smirk formed up my face after I said that, but I know that's impossible for modern science to invent, nor even visualize. I went back to bed cause I know I still had school tomorrow. I closed my eyes with that thought still in my head, until the darkness came around.
A voice popped up while I was sleeping. It had a deep raspy voice that said "Go to the basement and find what you seek". It gave me a jolt, enough for me to burst out of bed. I was frightened by how dark that voice was, but those words kept me thinking, "Could it be true?". I looked at the alarm clock I had, only to find out it was 6:45 in the morning. I went to the bathroom so I could clear my mind for a bit, but that didn't work. I ate breakfast for about 10 minutes b
:iconthesuperchima:TheSuperChima 2 0


Youtube Animators by Skylar-Kohai Youtube Animators :iconskylar-kohai:Skylar-Kohai 175 16 Red Eastern Screech Owl by ryangallagherart Red Eastern Screech Owl :iconryangallagherart:ryangallagherart 2,040 84 Optimus Prime and Grimlock fan art by JustineTutubi Optimus Prime and Grimlock fan art :iconjustinetutubi:JustineTutubi 927 90
Head Swapper: Going to the Mall
"I'm back!" you called out to Amanda, as you walked into her house, closing the door behind you. You knew Amanda's parents were away on vacation so you wouldn't have to appear like this in front of them at least.
"I'm in the kitchen" Amanda called back. "Take a seat in the living room Steven, I'll be right in with the coffee" she continued.
"Okay, thanks" you shouted.
Never mind how hard you tried, you simply couldn't seem to adjust to being so short. Jessica's body was having a peculiar effect on you, but you couldn't put your finger on one particular thing, apart from your height, that was making you uncomfortable. But as you peeped down your teal-colored t-shirt to view your budding hit you, your sister's body had obviously started going through puberty.
"Aww man, this is so wrong!" you grimaced to yourself, as you started to fidget a little.
Placing a hand on your stomach, you suddenly wanted to be rid of your little sister's body and get your head back on your own sho
:icondayaman:dayaman 15 2
Head Swapper: Losing Jessica's Body
Feeling slightly embarrased you decide not to go into the shoe store and wait outside for Amanda. You go over to a bench opposite the store and sit down. Without noticing you cross your legs in a very feminine manner. Bored you look down again at Jessica's body. You take a quick peek under your tshirt knowing fully that there's practically nothing under there. You then start to stare at your (Jessica's) crotch wondering what lies in there. 
Stopping yourself suddenly, you feel ashamed because this is your own sister. You then start looking at the other shoppers. Suddenly you see this hot girl walk by with a great hourglass figure, DD size breasts, and an ass to kill for. If you had a penis right then you would have an erection right there, right then. But you dont have an erection, you have a damp feeling down in your crotch. Feeling red you look away. Then, Amanda came out.
"Hey look at these grey suede boots I bought, aren't they the cutest things?" Amanda said to you, her voice
:icondayaman:dayaman 16 2
Head Swapper: Stuck with a Little Girl's Body
You decide to refrain from using your ability, for now. "No, let's act responsibly," you told yourself, still feeling incredibly excited.
Turning your back on all the people in the street you then headed back into the house and closed the door behind you. Hearing noises upstairs, you walked to the foot of the stairs and looked up. "Morning honey" your mother, Olivia, said as she came downstairs all dressed for work. She fastened her gold plated watch to her wrist and then headed into the kitchen.
"JESSICA HURRY UP, YOU'LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL" she then shouted, causing your 11-year old sister to come barreling down the stairs
"Morning!" she greeted you.
"Good morning Jessica" you replied formally, and with a smile.
Then, yet another of your family members came thundering down the stairs, your annoying older brother Robert. "What's up dweeb!" he said to you briefly in passing. You just shook your head and rolled your eyes. "Whatever assface!" you growled at him. 
It wasn't very
:icondayaman:dayaman 21 5
Head Swap: Mall Madness
Leaving the group of people at the cafe swapped, the two of you continue walking down the street wondering where to go next; "What about the library?"....Sarah suggested, to which you shake your head and grimace, "Nah, that's one place that will hardly have anyone in it at this time of day" reply.
After another moment's careful thought you click your fingers and point at Sarah;
"I've got it, the mall!" Sarah's face lights up and she readily agrees. The two of you then make your way to the packed shopping mall two blocks away, managing to resist the urge to mess with anyone else along the way.
Upon entering the mall you see two security guards; "What about those two?" you ask Sarah, she shakes her head in response; ", we don't want to give any thieves in the mall an unfair advantage"...she said.
Agreeing, the two of you walk past the two burly security guards and into the mall. It isn't as packed as it usually is but there are still plenty of people walking a
:icondayaman:dayaman 21 5
Head Swap: A Wild Swappin' Goose Chase
You try to remove your head again and succeed. You then start to gross out Sarah by putting your head on and off. Sarah then asked you, "I'm so freaked out right now. I don't know what to say." You go over to comfort her and touch her face. When you touch it her head falls off too. You yell "Oh crap!" and smack yourself in the head. By smacking yourself your head flew off also.
You feel the similar nothingness when your head falls off, but then you open your eyes and you are standing. "Thank God," you say to yourself. You see Sarah's head screaming five feet away from you and you turn around and say, "What?!" Sarah yells,"You have my BODY!" You look down and see you girlfriend's D cup breasts poking in front of you, and see your/her legs poking out from a very short skirt. You walk over towards Sarah, but fall down because of your heels. You get up and slowly walk over to Sarah's head and plop it on your body.
You both feel and look rather odd. Your head is on Sarah's body and Sarah's
:icondayaman:dayaman 25 2



Just woke up here cuz it's 9:34 AM.
First of all, I finally fixed my stories and their now on the featured page (woohooh!!). Also, I should be uploading part 3 on Sunday cause I have some stuff to do for today and tommorow. But, that should be it for now, bye!


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Writer/Artist dealing with Headswaps and Bodyswaps... I also do ocassional drawings


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